Services related to registration of new top-level domains (New gTLDs)

FAITID – had initiated the creation of the TLDs .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА,intended for the Russian capital. .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА is Russia's first project implemented under the new rules for introduction of top-level domains.

Based on its successful experience in preparing and maintaining an application for registration of a top-level domain, FAITID offers its services in this field: from idea to implementation.


FAITID employees are active members of ICANN's RySG ( gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group ) and, based on their experience in reviewing the application for new TLDs, can provide consultancy services in this area. Consultations include the following services:

  • Expert examination of a selected name in terms of its applicability for registration as a New gTLD; restrictions that apply to this name when ICANN reviews the application.
  • Recommendations on domain's positioning in terms of its affiliation with a particular group of domains (geodomains, community domains, generic domains, corporate domains).
  • Estimation of time required for approval of an application for a New gTLD depending on the selected name.
  • Cost estimation for registration.

Preparing and maintaining an application with ICANN

In accordance with ICANN requirements, applications for new top-level domains consist of answers to 50 questions on organizational, financial, and technical capabilities of a potential new registry. ICANN evaluates each answer and awards points based on its quality and completeness. Then all points are summed up resulting in a final score, and the application either passes or fails the evaluation. That is why preparing a good application to ICANN is a crucial part of the TLD registration process.

FAITID experts will help prepare an application for a new TLD because they did this for .MOSCOW, .МОСКВА, .ДЕТИ, and .TATAR, which were eventually successfully delegated.

PDT procedure

PreDelegationTesting (PDT) procedure is a mandatory part of the new TLD introduction. PDT determines if the registry system is technically capable of working in compliance with required standards. FAITID employees will set up the new domain registry in Flexireg system and ensure successful passing of all required tests.

Testing interaction with TMCH

After the new TLD is delegated, ICANN requires new domain registries to ensure interaction with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) for the purpose of protecting trademark owners throughout mandatory Sunrise and Claims phases. Therefore, before domain is delegated there is a mandatory testing of such interaction. FAITID employees will set up the new domain registry in Flexireg system to ensure successful work with TMCH and passing of all tests.

Testing interaction with escrow provider

In order to protect registrants of second-level domains, all data on second-level domain names registered in top-level domains shall be regularly deposited by registries with one of the escrow service providers. FAITID experts will ensure proper depositing of registry data and passing of mandatory pre-delegation testing.

Preparing onboarding

Right before the delegation of a new top-level domain, the registry must submit to ICANN its detailed contact information. If the registry holder is FAITID and the registry is maintained in Flexireg system, FAITID experts will prepare and submit to ICANN all required information.

Preparing documentation for registration launch in a new top-level domain

  • After consulting the customer, we can draft the following documents required for domain name registrations in a new TLD:
    Standard Registration Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions for Registration of Second-Level Domains;
  • Registration Policy, Dispute Resolution Policy, Whois Policy complying with ICANN requirements
  • Specifications for Registrars' Interaction with the Domain Registration System, including Technical Policy, description of EPP protocol, examples of domain name registration, and technical schedules for Whois usage by registrars and end users.

Cost of services

The cost of services on registration of new top-level domains depends on the list of services and will be provided upon a request.